The centre of gravity of the mechatronic ecosystem of Trentino

Polo Meccatronica represents the latest declination of a natural inclination of Trentino towards mechanics and mechatronics. Within the Mechatronics Pole, people from the world of production, training and research collaborate, linked in various ways to the theme of mechatronics: a development of engineering that combines computer science, electronics, mechanics, with all the specializations that are part of it: hydraulics, pneumatic and industrial automation, microelectronics, control software and human-machine interface, electronic control and engines, drive and driving systems.

The cohabitation of SMEs, large companies, research centres and accelerators, supported by the high value-added services offered, create the ideal conditions for the experimentation and production of innovative processes and products.

Polo Meccatronica represents the centre of gravity of the mechatronic ecosystem of Trentino and wants to position itself as the primary interlocutor of counterparts at national and international level.

In June 2017 Polo Meccatronica opened a state-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility – ProM Facility – laboratory that represents an essential asset to increase the attractiveness of the Pole. ProM currently participates in the Vanguard Initiative and is active in some European projects, initiatives that allow 30 mechatronics to be part of an international network.

Inn4Mech 2021 virtual edition will take place on 12-15 July 2021.